💕 MJ’s Off The Hook Mermaid Blanket Review 

So I’m new to this Blogging but feel I should introduce my current project to you meanwhile figuring this thing out 🙂

So a picture went viral recently and it shows two little girls in Crochet Mermaid Tail Lapghans.

 Photo Credit: Blue Eyed Bird Creations

First thought: “how adorable !!!!”

Second thought: “I must make this!!”

Third thought: “Is there a free pattern ?!!”
With a lot of researching, and asking the owner of the picture for some advice, I came across the pattern.

It is by MJ’s Off The Hook Designs. You do have to purchase the pattern but let me tell you it’s worth it !!

Here’s how my first tail came out 💕

This is the adult size!! To better show how big it was I posed it on my kids’ twin size bed

Ta-da!! Huge isn’t it ?!! I thought so too 😍 I’m so in love with this design and pattern.

I also posted a review video on my YouTube channel with the actual blanket so you can see first hand how warm and thick it really is 🙂 you can watch it by clicking HERE

So overall

5 stars for Design

5 stars for Instruction

5 stars for keeping me (and my family) warm and cozy ^-^

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