Preemie Octopus Pattern

Dear Fellow Hookers,

so I came across a post recently about crocheters making Crochet Octopuses for preemie babies. This post didn’t come with a pattern link though so I thought I’d go ahead and share mine so you all can make some of your own Octopuses too and help donate to your local hospitals because come on people, these children are our future !!


This pattern is meant to be free and will always be free ! So please no copying my pattern and trying to sell as your own or stealing my pictures to try and sell octopuses.

I encourage you to please make and donate the Octopuses you make, but if you wish to sell items made from this pattern I guess it’s fine too. Just please link back to my page so other people who do wish to make and donate can do so 🙂

So let’s get started !



  • Sc- Single Crochet
  • Inc- Increase (2sc in one stitch)
  • Dec- Decrease (2sctog)
  • Ch- Chain

NOTE: be sure to keep a stitch marker in the 1st stitch of every row to keep track of the rows and stitch count in each 🙂


1- 6sc in magic loop (6)

2- 2sc in each st around (12)

3- *1sc, inc* repeat around (18)

4- *2sc, inc * repeat around (24)

5- *3sc, inc* repeat around (30)

6- *4sc, inc* repeat around (36)

7- *5sc, inc* repeat around (42)

8-21– 1sc around (42)

22- *5sc, dec* repeat around (36)

23- 1sc in each (36)

24- *4sc, dec* repeat around (30)

25- 1sc in each around (30)

26- *3sc, dec* repeat around (24)

27- 1sc in each around (24)

**Start Stuffing**

28- *2sc, dec* repeat around (18)

29- 1sc in each around (18)

**Continue Stuffing**

30- *1sc, dec* repeat around (12)

**Finish stuffing, Tie Off and sew closed**

Tentacles (Make 5)

The legs you can either slip stitch on and start chaining or chain and crochet separate pieces and sew them on after, it’s up to you. I slip stitch on the last row on the Octopus and start making them around that row and in the center of the row.

Ch 46

1- 2sc in 2nd chain from hook, 2sc in each after (92)

**Tie Off, leave tail to sew onto Octopus**

Eyes (Make 2)

I highly highly suggest you don’t use Plastic Safety eyes for this pattern since if they fall off by any means it can pose a choking hazard for baby 😦

With Black Yarn:

1- 6sc in loop (6)

**Tie Off, leave tail to sew onto Octopus**

Use black yarn to also embroider mouth on the front of the octopus 

That’s it! You’re Finished 🙂


I really hope you guys enjoyed this pattern and use it to make so many Octopuses. If you share on Facebook and Instagram please use the hashtag #MHpattern so I can see all your cute creations ♡ Share with your crochet friends as well. The more Octopus for babies the better ^-^


**This pattern is a free pattern by Mermaid Hooked, please don’t claim as your own or copy and sell this pattern. It is free and I wish to keep it that way! You are also not allowed to use my picture to sell Octopus made from this pattern, If you do wish to sell please link and give credit to this page when you do** 

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