Seashell Kisses Bow Pattern

So looking back at my memories I remember one of my favorite stitches back when I first started crocheting was the Shell Stitch 🙂 When I threw my princess a Mermaid Themed party me and a friend of mine made her a dress where I used the Shell Stitch to make her a top and my friend added Tulle to the bottom to make it the best creation I’ve ever created to this day ! I called it the Mer-mazing Dress ❤


Anyways so I decided to make a bow inspired by that memory with the same stitch ^-^ Let’s go ahead and get started with how to make your own for your princesses (or yourself ;D ) ! It’s a beautiful day to Crochet !

Materials You Need :

  • Size 4mm (G) Hook   {I’m using a hook made by HarperBabyShop, Click HERE to see more of her goodies in her Etsy Shop <3}
  • Scissors { I got my mermaid tail ones HERE}
  • (Color A) Caron Simply Soft Yarn in “Orchid” {Purchase HERE}
  • (Color B) Caron Simply Soft Yarn in “Soft Green”{Purchase HERE}
  • Yarn Needle{Purchase HERE}
  • Alligator Clip {Purchase HERE}
  • Hot Glue Gun{Purchase HEREPlease use caution when using a glue gun ! Mishandling one may lead to burns on your fingers or any other part so please be careful ❤


  • Ch- Chain
  • Sl St- Slip Stitch
  • Sc- Single Crochet
  • Hdc- Half Double Crochet
  • Dc- Double Crochet

Bow Pattern (Color A)

Ch36 and Sl St to join (1)

1- 1sc in each st across (36)

   ~Change to Color B~

2- ch1, *Sc in 1, skip 2, 5dc in one st, skip 2* Repeat * around, sl st in 1st st (6 Shells) (2 & 3)

~Change to Color A~

3- Ch2, 3dc in same st *Skip 2, sc in next, skip 2, 5dc in next* Repeat * around ending on 1sc, skip 2, 2dc in same stitch as 3dc making it 5dc total in that one stitch (6 Shells) (4 & 5)

~Change to Color B~

4-8– Repeat Rows 2 and 3 changing colors for each row

9- Ch2 *1dc, 1hdc, 3sc, 1hdc* Repeat * around (36) This straightens the top of bow 🙂 (6)

~Tie off and weave in ends. Cut a separate long piece to use to sew and tie around the center~

BUT WAIT !!! Did you know if you just weave in the ends instead of cinching the middle the pattern can also double as a Seashell Kisses Coffee Cozy !! How cool is that ??? It’s not only amazing, it’s MER-MAZING !!


But in this case we’re making it into a bow so let’s stick with that for now 😉 but doesn’t hurt to think outside the box ❤

Attaching The Clip

When it comes to attaching the clip there’s two options:

1st: You can use an alligator clip and hot glue it on the back of the bow


2nd: You can purchase barettes HERE and with these you simply sew the ends onto the bow to attach it 🙂

and you’re FINISHED !! ^-^ Yay !! Please please share your Seashell Kisses bows with me if you make some I’d love to see them ^-^ Use #MHpattern and #SeashellKissesBow to share your bows and any projects made with my patterns ❤ Don’t forget to follow my Instagram and Like my Facebook Page for updates on new patterns and projects ❤ 


Thank you for taking the time to check out my pattern. I spent some time testing it to come out as perfect as possible for you all to enjoy 🙂 You MAY NOT copy my pattern or claim as your own or sell as I really want this to stay free for everyone to enjoy. You may sell items made from this pattern but if you do I do ask that you link back to this post and give credit to it being my design ❤ Thank you once again for stopping by ^-^

If interested in purchasing one of the Seashell Kisses Bow click HERE to get your very own handmade by yours truly ^-^

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