Pencil Plush Crochet Pattern

Hi Merbabes ! As you all know this week in May is Teacher Appreciation week so I thought I’d make something special for both my kid’s teachers and as a gift to you all I decided to make the pattern available to you all for free ^-^

Awesome right ?? Share your plushies with the hashtag #MHpattern so I can your projects with my patterns ♡

Anyways let’s get started 🧜🏻‍♀️

MATERIALS (Click each item to Purchase)

4mm (G) Hook


* Yarn Needle

* Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in: Charcoal (A) , Buff (B), Bright Yellow (C), Grey Heather (D), and Pretty n Pink (E)

* Polyfiber Fil

* Black Embroidery Thread

* (2) 9mm Safety Eyes

This pattern uses US Crochet terms


•CH- Chain

•SC- Single Crochet

•INC- Increase

•DEC- Decrease

• REP- Repeat

Now let’s get started ♡

PENCIL (Color A)

1- 4sc in a magic loop (4)

2- *1sc, inc* repeat around (6)

3- *2sc, inc* repeat around (8)

~Change to Color B~

4- *3sc, inc* repeat around (10)

5- *4sc, inc* repeat around (12)

6- *5sc, inc* repeat around (14)

7- *6sc, inc* repeat around (16)

8- *7sc, inc* repeat around (18)

9- *8sc, inc* repeat around (20)

~Change to Color C~

10- *4sc, inc* repeat around (24)

11-19– 1sc in each st (24)

~Insert Safety eyes in between Row 13 & 14, 5sc apart~

~Change to Color D~

20-21– 1sc in each (24)

~Change to Color E~

22-24– 1sc in each (24)

~Start Stuffing with Polyfiber Fil~

25- (BLO) *2sc, dec* repeat around (18)

26- (BLO) *1sc, dec* repeat around (12)

~Finish Stuffing ~

27- (BLO) Dec x 6 (6)

~Tie off and sew closed ~

Now’s the time to embroider the mouth with the black embroidery thread between the eyes and weave in the ends ♡

YOU’RE DONE !!! Woo hoo!

Unfortunately the pencils don’t really write 😦 but they’re super cute faces make up for that skill they lack haha but the teachers are going to love this handmade gift for years to come ^-^

Don’t forget to share your pencils with me. Have fun and if you’re a teacher we appreciate all that you do!♡

Thank you for taking the time to check out my pattern. I spent some time testing it to come out as perfect as possible for you all to enjoy 🙂 You MAY NOT copy my pattern or claim as your own or sell as I really want this to stay free for everyone to enjoy. You may sell items made from this pattern but if you do I do ask that you link back to this post and give credit to it being my design ❤ Thank you once again for stopping by ^-^

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