Chunky Twist Earwarmer – Free Crochet Pattern

The Chunky Twist Earwarmer is the perfect solution to stash busting those chunky yarns for Fall and Market prep !  It’s a fast workup and super cozy for the winter weather ^-^ This earwarmer took me less than 30 minutes to make ! So yes it’s a good pattern to work through also if you’re looking for a last minute gift to give to someone for the holidays . So let’s get started 🙂

EDIT: If you would like to make your Earwarmer a bit wider just increase number of chains in multiples of 2 (+1 for turning chain), divide number of hdc’s in 1st row by 2 and that’s how many hdc you’ll be making in the stems on Row 11 ♡



  • Chunky Yarn (size 6) – For this one I used Hometown USA by Lionbrand
  • 8mm (L) Crochet Hook (the one I’m using is available in my Etsy Shop HERE)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle


  • Sl St- Slip Stitch
  • St- Stitch
  • Ch- Chain
  • Hdc- Half Double Crochet


Ch 7

1- 1hdc in 2nd st and in each after, ch1 turn (6)

2-10– 1hdc in each st, ch1 turn (6)

** Piece should measure about 6-7 inches long **

11- hdc in 3 st, ch1 turn (3)

12-20– hdc in each st, ch1 turn (3)

This makes 1 “Stem”

** Tie Off and weave in the end. Sl St in the middle of Row 11 next to the 3rd hdc (like in pic above) and repeat Rows 11-20 to make another “Stem” but DON’T tie off on this one , ch1 turn**

** Twist the two stems over each other**

21- hdc in 3 ST and hdc in 3 on the next stem *this attaches the stems together * ch1 turn (6)

22-30– hdc in each st, ch1 turn (6)

**Tie Off and leave long tail to sew last and 1st Row together **

You’re Finished !! 

I’ve even tried doubling worsted weight yarn with the same hook size and it came out super cute !! Just another idea I had to throw out there ^-^ Please share if you make one and use the hashtag #MHpattern and #ChunkyTwistEarwarmer so I can see your makes with my patterns

••BIG THANK YOU TO MY BEAUTIFUL TESTERS ON INSTAGRAM: (click to view their profiles😍) ••








2 thoughts on “Chunky Twist Earwarmer – Free Crochet Pattern

  1. thank you for sharing your patterns I am in a NURSING home and can not afford to buy patterns…..$30 a month does NOT go far….


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