Pumpkin Plush Crochet Pattern – Free ♡


Happy Fall babes ! What a way to celebrate than a Free Pumpkin Plush pattern ??

Fun thing about this pattern is you can modify it so easily and change up yarns and hook sizes to make it bigger or smaller 😀 make it your little Frankenstein experiment and go nuts ! (Get it ?!!! See what I did there ??) Anyways let’s start making pumpkins ^-^

For an ad-free printable of this pattern click HERE





  • 4mm Crochet Hook
  • Worsted Weight Yarn:
    • Red Heart Yarn in “Aran Fleck”
    • Green
    • Brown
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle
  • Polyfiber Fil



  • HDC- Half Double Crochet
  • SL ST- Slip Stitch
  • ST- Stitch
  • INC- Increase, in this case it’s 2hdc in 1 st
  • DEC- Decrease, hdc 2 stitches together
  • DC- Double Crochet
  • SC- Single Crochet

NOTES: This pattern is worked in the round, so no chaining and turning to start the next row. If you need to, use a stitch marker to mark the 1st stitch of the row



1- 10hdc in magic loop (10)

2- 2hdc in each st (20)

3- *1hdc, Inc* repeat around (30)

4- *2hdc, Inc* repeat around (40)

5- *3hdc, Inc* repeat around (50)

6-9– 1hdc in each st (50)

10- *3hdc, Dec* repeat around (40)

11- *2hdc, Dec* repeat around (30)

12- *1hdc, Dec* repeat around (20)

~* S T U F F  lightly to where it fills the shape but is still squishy *~

13- Dec x 10 (10)

~* Tie Off leaving a super long tail, sew hole closed but don’t cut the yarn just yet*~

NOTE: Use the long strand of yarn to make the creases along the side of the pumpkin, insert needle in center of top of pumpkin and pull out the center of the opposite end. Continue to do this and pull slightly to make the creases. If you need help refer to the pics below

img_6607-e1539802835793.jpg img_6608 img_6610




(Brown Yarn)

1- 4hdc in magic loop (4)

2-6– 1hdc in each st (4)

~* Tie Off leaving a tail, sew onto top center of pumpkin *~




(Green Yarn)


1- DC in 3rd st from hook, SC in next, Ch2 and Sl St to 1st ch (making a picot), SC in next st on starting chain (by now you’re working right below the row you just made, DC in next

~* Tie Off leaving a tail to sew piece next to stem*~


YOU’RE FINISHED !! WOOT WOOT now let’s have a little happy dance with our pumpkins ^-^ If you make Pumpkins from my pattern please post them and tag me on Instagram or Facebook (@Mermaid.Hooked) , I would love to see them ^-^ Also use #MHpattern.

This is a free pattern, you may sell items made from this pattern all I ask is that you credit Mermaid Hooked as the designer and link back to this page. You may not redistribute, copy , or alter this pattern and claim as your own in any way shape or form. This is my pattern and it took me many trials and errors to perfect it for you all.


Don’t forget to like my page on Instagram (@Mermaid.Hooked) and Facebook (Mermaid Hooked) for more updates on pattern releases and announcements ^-^

Ad-Free PDF download of this pattern can be found HERE

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