Lorelai Slouch – Storytime

If you haven’t seen The Gilmore Girls then I highly suggest you open up a second tab, sign up for Netflix and watch all the episodes like now ! 🙂

My most newest design I decided to call the “Lorelai Slouch” for that reason it felt like such a magical pattern to match the magical person it’s named after. I soon came to realize after watching a couple of episodes that Lorelai Gilmore is my spirit animal….literally.

Also because my pattern involves a little modification to the Star Stitch (which is my favorite stitch tied along with the Shell Stitch 😉 and if you didn’t know the little town they live in is called Stars Hollow….like HELLO !! IT WAS MEANT TO BE !!

After designing the beanie in september it was around the same time I started watching the Run-Off series with Rory all grown up doing adult things living her own life but the part I loved most was they brought back all the original characters from the original show! Well almost all of them *holds back tears* yes my loves you might cry like I did watching these ones. I’m not one to do spoiler alerts so I’m just going to leave you with that little hint. But they brought back the one who made it so magical which was Lorelai and her iconic “I Smell Snow” ^-^ I think we can all agree we got a little Lorelai soul in us. Me being a coffee addict, snow loving, improper humor at the worst times type of gal hahaha


Also I’ve heard (but haven’t confirmed) that they might be making a Luke’s Diner based on the one in the show !! If they do then I think I might need to save up for a road trip soon. Who’s carpooling with me ?!!

Anywho so there’s the story behind the Lorelai Slouch. Always believe in magic and don’t forget to enjoy the snow friends ^-^

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