Double Trouble Basket- Free Crochet Pattern

** #DoubleTroubleBasket **

Need the perfect scrap buster ? I was needing something to use up most of my scrap yarns (as always) and hey I just so happened to need a few baskets for little necessities around the house. Low and behold, the Double Trouble Basket ♡


This pattern calls for doubled of worsted weight yarn, for this tutorial I used Red Heart Yarn in White and (unknown)


5mm (H) Crochet Hook

• Worsted Weight Yarn (2 colors which will now be called Color A and Color B)


Yarn Needle

Stitch Marker



– CH- Chain

– SC- Single Crochet

– Sl St- Slip Stitch

– INC- Increase, in this pattern this is going to be 2 Single Crochet in One Stitch

– BLO- Back Loop Only, instead of crocheting in both the loops of the stitch you’re going to only work in the loop in the back


– We are working this pattern in a continuous round, so no slip stitching and chaining one to begin a new row , just forget about it, it’s never going to happen, stop trying to make fetch happen …sorry got distracted by a certain movie which should be nameless at this point. Anyways a Stitch Marker would be your best friend at this point and beyond ♡

– You must have knowledge to work some stitches in a magic loop, if you don’t know any then no worries, YouTube has some awesome tutorials on how to get one started. It’s not hard unless you make it hard (that’s what she said, sorry another Netflix Show that should remain anonymous. I’m binge-watching, don’t judge me)


1- Begin by SC 6 in a Magic Loop (6)

2- 2 SC in each stitch around (12)

3- *1 SC, INC *, repeat * around (18)

4- *2 SC, INC *, repeat * around (24)

5- *3 SC, INC *, repeat * around (30)

6- *4 SC, INC *, repeat * around (36) [PIC]

7- (BLO) SC 1 in each stitch around (36) [PIC]

8-20– SC 1 Knit Stitch in each stitch around (36)

~If you don’t know how to crochet the Knit Stitch (aka Waistcoat Stitch) Repeat Crafter Me has an awesome video HERE

At the end of the 20th row Sl St to 1st stitch and tie off and weave in all the ends.

~ THAT’S IT MY BEAUTIES ♡, now make some more and decorate your cozy space with as many as you desire !!


~*~*~ You MAY NOT copy, modify or sell my pattern in any way shape or form. You may sell items made from my pattern but please credit me as the designer if you plan to do so. You MAY NOT use my photos to sell your items or claim as your own as they are all copyright and belong to me ~*~*~

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